Jeff Sessions Confirmed As U.S. Attorney General After Clash With Democrats

Jeff Sessions was born on (December 24, 1946) his father name was Jefferson Beauregard. He studded in Wilcox County High School then he started study in Huntingdon College in Montgomery, he completed his Graduation degree of B.A. in Nineteen sixty nine, he had also a J.D. degree which he collected in nineteen seventy three.


Later on he started taking part in Politics and very soon he became an US politician, he was the elected Junior United States Senator of Alabama from 1997 till to 2017, he was also a member of the Republican Party his rank in Seniority is 15th now USS. He was Also remained the U.S Attorney for the southern District of Alabama,

Now he is elected as Attorney General of US, US Senate confirms him as an Attorney General for US on Wednesday after long and strong evidence from Democrats about his work on civil rights.

He had served Alabama people with fairness were confirmed by forty seven votes out of fifty two which he gets he thanked everyone who voted for him and elect him as Attorney General.

He also said that people who was not happy on my selection was a threat to our team and also threat for our body.

Tuesday was bad day for Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, a nice lovely lady of US politics left, when she was lefting on Tuesday there was silenced in the senate for reading a nineteen eighty six letter from Coretta Scott King.

Elizabeth Warren was born on June 22 nineteen forty nine, she is an academic and politician she was elected as Attorney General in 2012 by Barack Obama, she is a great lady with positive thoughts she serve greatly to her country now she is no more in Sanate as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions replace her on Last Wednesday.

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