Jamie Dornan Reveals His Research For Fifty Shades Darker, Visits S&M Club

As the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker to hit theaters days after but initially Russian, recently lead star Jamie Dornan revealed about his researches for the series, had to join a S&M club to learn some wanted skills.


If latest reports are to be deemed, the 34-year-old actor plays Christian Grey in erotic romance series, shared fans some secrets regarding its visit to S&M club to learn all what was required to perform BDSM acts well in front of camera.

One of the most popular Hollywood actors has confessed that he hasn’t any idea about form of S&M and haven’t experience like this ever. Although, does not want to use these techniques in his real life, because it doesn’t suit him, though there is lots of ways to please each other sexually.

Dornan also explained more saying he hasn’t judge anyone’s sexual requirements and everyone has different temper regarding sex so he is liberal and open-minded person not anymore.


Although, Dornan has been receiving negative comments towards audience for its raciest acts but doesn’t blame those do this, told media when asked about his Fifty Shades career.

The Fall star also made public that everyone has different believes and to accept S&M theme would be really tough to those are very verbal, though it is new theme for a large number of people who haven’t experience this before.


He agree those who don’t like S&M because he also doesn’t, even didn’t carry out any practice to perform these techniques at home deeply, by presenting an example of himself Dornan added.

Dornan also believed S&M as awkward experience even after filming of “Fifty Shades Darker” that to hit theaters on 9 February 2017 and a large number of young got excited to experience most brutal kind of intimae scenes.

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