Jackie Chan Finally Gets Honorary Oscar After Five Decades In Film Industry

Los Angeles: The Chinese actor Jackie Chan finally gets his goal by winning the honorary Oscar Awards at annual Governors Awards on Saturday night after five decades in Film industry, Jackie worked in more than 200 movies.

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The Chinese martial artist actor Jackie Chan final achieved his dream by grabbing the honorary Oscar Award on Saturday, the actor’s name listed in the award who have to receive the Oscar honorary award but when Jackie Chan’s name called, he stunned for a moment as his dreams come finally true after five decades of working in film industry.

On Saturday night, annual Governors Awards ceremony run at scheduled place of Los Angeles where “Rush Hour” co-star Tom Hanks and Chris Tucker has paid tribute to the Oscar winner.

The actor revealed he has no words to thank the Hollywood industry and revealed he thanked to industry for years as he taught enough and also made his name famous all across the globe.

After 56 years and making more than 200 films, the actor awarded with Oscar Award’s little gold statuette.

In his speech after receiving awards, the Hong Kong’s martial artist recalled his father’s words as his father used to say why his name is not on the top Hollywood accolade despite having a huge number of movies collection.

The star made his debut in film industry in 1976 when a film producer in Hong Kong Willie Chan much impressed by Jackie Chan’s stunts and offered him an acting role in “Hand of Death” while Chan made his major breakthrough by film “Snake In the Eagle’s Shadow” in 1978.

He performed in more than 200 movies and now become the household name all across the globe although his net worth is around $ 350 million dollars.

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