Ivanka Trump Sitting In President’s Chair Photo Raises Questions

New York: the 45th United States president has been facing criticism since started his journey for presidency, now Donald’s daughter Ivanka Trump becomes top headline all over the world after sitting in the president’s Oval Office chair.


Ivanka took her Twitter account to share his sitting in president chair picture along with a text about ‘the importance of women having a seat at the table’ that has raised questions for current president for his another indecent act.

The 35-year-old Ivanka tweeted photograph on 13 February, poses sitting in the chair though Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and her father, President Donald Trump, both are standing around side.

According to American news agencies, the former reality television personality was invited to attend a roundtable talks regarding women in the workforce in which Ivanka helped recruit members and set the agenda.

The special meeting was held among these two world leaders and her, regarding the importance of females having a seat at the table, she mentioned along with picture. Although, Canada and United States administrations have declared a joint task force to assist females in workplace by considering problems like childcare and maternity leave.

However, the current United States president said in his speech that the system is not suitable for entrepreneurs especially for women, though top female executives from both nations also were invited in this special meeting.

Mr. Trump also said they should work for establishment of economic development as well for growth of other main entities, even make sure their economy is a finest or reliable place for all women who can work everywhere without feeling any tension.

He added saying that this kind of system that favors women is in United States and Trump’s daughter has been involved in this mission deeply, even his appreciation is with her they way she doing good.

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