Israeli Soldiers Kill Knife-Wielding Palestinian Attacker In West Bank Raid, Military Reported

Israeli troops have killed a Palestinian on Tuesday in an operation as the person attempted to attack military using a knife, security forces suddenly carried out a raid a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, military told media.


The Israeli security forces were on their way in search of criminals in the Fara Refugee Camp where suddenly where a Palestinian stormed soldiers holding a knife but while observing the situation troops sprayed bullets after some warnings to stop him.

Nonetheless, when reporters asked some residents who also were on the spot where the incident occurred, told Mohammed al-Salhi, 32, was killed in front of his house by forces after being warned more than one time. Palestinian witnesses also urged reporters their names not to be called for fear of revenge.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has also confirmed death of Mohammad Al-Salahe, 32, was shot dead by troops after showing bad behavior at the doorway of his residence in front of his mother eyes, was a former prisoner in Israeli prisons.

Latest incident followed one of the deadliest strikes in over a year of Israeli-Palestinian hostility as last time a Palestinian truck driver smashed his vehicle into a crowd of Israeli security forces in Jerusalem that shot dead four troops.

If reports are to be believed Palestinian attackers have shot dead 40 Israelis by carrying out deadliest strikes since September 2015, even one of these attacks also targeted two American tourists, those were killed with knifes.

In this duration of West Bank and the Gaza Strip violence, Israeli forces killed 231 Palestinians in which mostly were discovered attackers.

However, Israeli officials reported media that about 158 of them were goons although others were targeted in protests and other fights.

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