Islamic State Launches Bombing on Deir al-Zor, Dozens dead

Middle East based one of the most dangerous militant organizations IS launched severe bombing on government-held areas of the Deir al-Zor city in Syria on 15, January, 2017, left dozens dead, latest reports.


According to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the severe but sudden fight was began early morning between Islamic States’ fighters and government forces as well its allied troops and six huge blast were launched by the militants.

The Observatory and state media also reported that these sudden actions by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have fueled Syrian administration warplanes.

However, Syria’s military has launched hurdles in way of ultra-hard-line jihadist group even at numerous frontlines even around the military airport where government has complete control, SANA local news agency reported.

Three people were killed and nine injured in the result of Islamic State shelling in residential government-held districts. In these attacks and sever battling, about 20 Islamic State militants and 12 government forces were killed, reported by Observatory for Human Rights.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria remained successful to take control of largest parts of Deir al-Zor province those borders Iraq as well as over half the city. It is also said that ISIS has successfully surrounded the other government-held regions of the city for about two years.

The residents of the areas have been facing problems as lacking food and medicine, though Syrian regime and its Russian ally have been providing regular aid into the surrounded areas, where approximately 200,000 people live.

Deir al-Zor province is bordering Islamic State actual capital in the Syrian city of ‘Raqqa’ with region where the organization has its complete hold in Iraq. Stay tuned to get latest updates about fight between Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and government forces.

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