Islamic Center Building Burned Down In Netherlands By Miscreants

An Islamic Centre in Culemborg, Netherland was set on fire by some arsonist, late Wednesday night and this kept fire fighters engage for several hours two buildings were also burned along with the Islamic center.


According to foreign news Agency, the fire was set in the Islamic center in Culemborg, Netherland, the fire was so intense that it suddenly catches nearby buildings suddenly. Fire brigade vehicles reached the spot after the incident.

Two building near the Islamic centre is damaged due to the outbreak of fire. This building was purchased for the purpose of mosque and this was under construction. There was a praying room in the building but no one is there at the time of incidence.

According to police, this Fire was setup by some miscreants set fire to the Islamic center building and all of sudden this fire catches nearby buildings and burned them up. The arsonist was suspected.

According to the international news agency, there is asbestos which is heat resistance material in the neighboring buildings. This site was formerly a public swimming bath and bought earlier this year by Association of Islamic Communities in Culemborg and they were planning to change this into a mosque.

The mosque is under construction There was one room in the building for the prayer but it is not clear whether someone was there at that time of attack or this building was entirely used for the Islamic center. No one is injured in this fire but it affects building badly. No one is arrested until now.

These attacks are increasing day by day on Muslims living in Europe and Netherland. Earlier this month, a man burst into a Muslim prayer hall in the Swiss city of Zurich and started shooting, injuring at least three men.

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