ISIS Militants Resume Vicious Killing Of 40 Mosul Residents, Hangs Bodies From Telephone Poles

Bashiqa/Iraq: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants resume brutal execution of Mosul residents of 40 civilians and the extremist group militants hanged bullet riddle bodies of Mosul residents from telephones poles.


The public killings and atrocities committed by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria against Mosul civilians emerged on Friday after ISIS militants slaughtered 40 Mosul residents and their bullet riddle bodies hanged from Telephones pole in Iraq’s city.

After they were accused for using cell phones as they tied to leak the information of Islamic States of Iraq and Syria’s militants to Iraqi security forces.

The United Nations Human Rights officers revealed, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has unleashed a vicious brutal wave of execution of Mosul residents as they earlier slaughtered 30 innocent civilians in this week and another brutal violence launched in the second Iraq’s largest city.

The slaughtered toll of Mosul civilians rose to 70 in a single week, but the recent one is vicious enough they not only shot dead 40 civilians but also hanged their bodies with electricity polls of the city.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria had put a stronghold in Iraq’s second largest city Mosul for a long time and Iraqi forces pledged to clear the city with rebels and to give meaning to their sentence Iraqi forces supported by Kurdish forces.

U.S led coalition military who have tried to close the circle around extremist group militants but rivals using innocent residents of Mosul as a human shield for them.

The massive violation of non-human behavior have been noticed there as rebel fighters tortured, execute and sexually exploit the women and girls of the city.

The civilians who accused of sharing information about ISIS militants to Iraqi forces shoot dead and hanged with electrical and telephone poles who were wearing orange jumpsuits.

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