Iranian Pilgrims Will Perform Hajj This Year, Saudi Arabia Says

Iranian pilgrims will participate in hajj after the absence of last year, said Saudi Arabia on Friday through a press conference in Riyadh.


Iranian organization and ministry of hajj has completed all the arrangements about hajj participation of Iranian in 2017 and they agreed on new policies after the big clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran in 2016 when Iranian didn’t have permission to perform hajj.

Due to clash in their ideas like both these countries supported different thoughts in the clash of Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, and others, so participation of Iranian pilgrims is a bright thing happened for both of them after clash.

Saudi Arabia is ruled by Sunni Muslim and Iran is a Shiite state, different thoughts and misunderstanding were causes of their conflicts and now situation is changing, their relations is now on bright way.

There was no diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Tehran and conflicts present there as Saudi Arabia blamed the Iran to support armed Shia regional activities in Yemen, Syria etc.

But after long time ministry of Hajj has decided about Iranian that they can participate in hajj season because it is a right of every Muslim to visit Mecca and they cannot keep them away from holy sites.

In 1988 and 1990 Iran boycotted Hajj after the Arabian police and pilgrims clash in 1987 where about 400 people has been dead and now in 2016 Saudi Arabia stop them to participate in Hajj season after conflicts and attack on Saudi embassy in Iran.

According to Iran they can send 80,000 pilgrims this year for the participation in Hajj, said by management on 5th March. Saudi hajj ministry said that they will welcome all pilgrims from all over the world on this holly place because it is a right of every Muslim.

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