Iphone 7 Plus, Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Rumours And Latest Details

Apple is a worldwide company it is mostly known for its iPhone and laptops but Apple gets fame from its iPhone its iPhone are very unique and gives a change to the public at that time every person was using android and symbian mobiles.

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But Apples comes with IOS software and it is an amazing thing for the public, when public saw a unique and newly introduced thing they started buying the iPhone and most of the public become iPhone lover.

First iPhone was released in June 2008 and then next was released in June 2009 called iPhone 3 like this there is a list of iPhone models but now it is time for the release of iPhone 7 Plus it is third plus phone of Apple and it is coming with a new design first time the design of iPhone was changed when iPhone 4 was launched than in every model the design was changed iPhone 5, iPhone 6, now iPhone 7 all have different designs.

In the series of iPhone 7 there are rumors that now iPhone was building a water resistance phone this quality was also introduced by Samsung S5, Motorolla , Sony Z5 and also in some other models of Samsung and Sony and iPhone 7 plus was also dust proof so that its electric circuits are all safe from dust and water.

Now apple was introducing the Bluetooth earphones and said that handfree are now the part of past it is time to use the Air Pods, this iPhone has no buttons and it is a very unique thing that it has no buttons it was happen first time in the history of Apple that their iPhone was without Central button now its screen become large and use sensors and its screen was also provided with a projector.

Now the company was fighting with FBI to increase the security of iPhone and wants that all the data was stored in iClouds till now most of the specifications was same like iPhone 6 Plus and there are many rumors about iPhone 7 but till now no authorized report about it and till now there is no specific date of its launch.

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