Indian Congress Hits Back At Star Rishi Kapoor For Anti-Gandhi Tweet

Allahabad: Bollywood veteran are in headlines for his tweets against Gandhi’s Family in which he questioned for naming properties after India’s founder and Civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi, dozens of congress party works conduct a protest against Bollywood celebrity Rishi Kapoor.

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Bollywood most popular celebrity Rishi Kapoor are in talks of congress workers as he took twitter few days back to share tweet against Ghandhi, Congress slams the Bollywood star and dozens of party workers gathered at Shivaji park in Allahabad on 23 May against the ongoing war with Congress for his tweets.

Recently, the new come in light that congress protesters has arranged a protest in front of actor’s residence suburban Bandra in Mumbai. In ongoing congress and actor’s war, congress workers reportedly pelted stone at 63-years old actor residence as well as shouted slogans.

In series of Anti-Gandhi’s tweet the 63-years old Bollywood actor had asked for assets naming. In one of the tweet he used to say, if the roads has changed enough then what is the reason behind the properties of congress workers. After this explosive attack on 17 May on tweeter, the whole eyes are still waiting for the results of such rude behavior of Rishi Kapoor.

The supposed back bone of Bollywood Rishi Kapoor is known for his stunning performance as actor as well as well known as director and producer. He made first appearance on Silver screen in his childhood as child artist in 1970’s film “Mera Naam Joker”, awarded with Film Fare Best Actor award for his film Bobby.

Romantic actor launched his full of romance era from 1973 to 2000 as he appeared in leading romantic role in more than 92 films, also was starring in twelve films with co-star and wife Neetu Singh.

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