India Police Arrest Two Men After Gang-Rape, Hanging Of 15 Year Teenag Girl

Indian Police has successfully arrested two men who were in the gang rape of a teenage girl and after rape they hanged the body of that girl with the tree to show that she committed suicide.


That innocent girl who was first raped and then killed was just round about 15 years old this horrible and shameful incident was happen on Friday when three characterless personalities kidnapped that girl from her house in the darkness of night and then first they rape her badly and then killed her this incident was happens in the northern state of Indian province Uttar Pradesh.

The body of this innocent girl was fund Bahraich a district of state in Uttar Pradesh, and the body was hanged with the tree with her scarf to show that she committed suicide just due to any reason and that tree was just one kilometer away from the house of that girl.

She was kidnapped in such a way that she heard a noise coming from outside and she went outside to check and those three wolves in human skin kidnapped her and raped her but in the police report this statement was written like this that she went outside in the dark to meet that guy but had no idea that he was with two men and they are going to kidnap her.

When the dead body of this innocent girl was found than two police officers were suspend and other were warned and the issue of gang rape in India was on its peak and if someone wants to stop it that person was killed or warned and mostly the teenagers become the victims of these rappers.

When this case of innocent girl was in court than the remakes of the Judge were that this girl committed suicide she was not raped, this is the condition of justice in India that evil persons get full protocol and the victim will be kept in jail and his family will suffer.

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