India And Japan Sign A Landmark Civilians Nuclear Accord

Tokyo/Japan: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed a landmark nuclear civilian accord with Japan on Friday after capping year of negotiations that opens the door from Tokyo to New Delhi to supply fuel technology and nuclear power production tools.


After year of negotiations, India and Japan reach to a common edge of agreement of historic corporation deal on Friday which has seen the crucial need to access the sensitive technologies to generate more powerful defensive collections.

The accord is the major achievement of Indian as it has made its first nuclear accord with Japan.

The bilateral civilian nuclear corporation agreement inked between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japan counterpart Shinzo Abe in an annual Japan-Indian Bilateral summit particularly held in Japan’s Tokyo.

The first major achievement of India to sign a landmark accord with Japan has opened the door of New Delhi from Tokyo with fuel, technology and equipment for nuclear power production as Indian government looks to enhance its atomic power over its rival countries and also to sustain to rapid the country economic growth.

The only country suffered from the brutal attack of nuclear attack has signed such a pact with India, the country not signed to nuclear non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The nuclear accord comes out after the long time negotiation of six years between these two countries, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe was seen delighted over the bilateral corporation civilian nuclear accord for peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Indian Ministry of External Affair spokesman Vikas Swarp took twitter to viral the crucial landmark deal, “without any doubt, our destinies will now interlinked to work together for peace, development and prosperity.” Shinzo Abe ensures India will take action regarding the country peace.

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