IDF Claim: Hamas Creates Attractive Women Facebook Profile To Hack Israeli Phones

Hamas has been using attractive women profiles on Facebook to hack Israeli troops’ phones, claimed by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).


It seems to be that the Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization has learnt some advance techniques to hack Israeli soldiers’ phones but creating fake Facebook profiles appears to be no so tricky method as IDF has discovered their strategy.

Hamas launched this plan to get complete access to Israeli troops because that makes a human connection.

One of the officials told media that Hamas that method had worked once and they remained successful to create strong link and a person behind the fake Facebook profile requested the soldiers to download an app called “apkpk”.

If any soldier download this app, in case their phone lost his security and all personal date can be accessed by the person who is behind the profile as well he can easily keep an eye over soldier movement.

No one disclosed that how Israeli Defense Force discovered Hamas was behind the fake Facebook accounts but it also was explained that Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization remained successful for days by hacking various soldiers’ devices.

IDF spokesperson said in his statement that Hamas remained successful by hacking some soldiers’ devices using fake attractive women profiles even lured showing some impressive pictures. But IDF launched an investigation to learn what is behind the scene, in the result found fake all those identities on Facebook.

Hamas agents discovered social media accounts of soldiers while browsing through posts, selfies, tags and target them.

The Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization has been trying to use human connection way to target troops even they have ignored guns, bombs, and other weapons.

After considering the Hamas phone hacking strategy, Israeli military had decision to lift this problem publicly to aware all its troops of the possible threats of social networks.

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