HTC Announce Vive 2 At CES 2017, Release Date, News, Rumors, Features, Specs

The HTC VIVE first generations were successful a sales and their competitors Oculus which was back up by social media giant Facebook. Now the HTC VIVE 2 is a current Big tech trend for this year and among the technology lovers.


According to the Sources, the Initial price for this gadget will be US $ 799, It’s better of two virtual reality kits that are currently available in market.

The HTC Virtual reality kit is coming in 2017 which is the most anticipated Virtual reality device having mar advance and better technology.

The competition in Virtual reality devices is still dominated by HTC because of their extensive popularity in the Virtual Reality Industry. It is believed that Oculus Rift will also under development which will compete with HTC’s VIVE 2.

According to sources the new HTC VIVE 2 will have the wireless console which will make sure its light weight in current generation V.R kits which were released before.

Whether HTC is designing these kits for smartphones or just for Desktop and Consoles it is not confirmed yet but the only information available now is that HTC VIVE 2 is coming up.

Some rumors were also there related to this amazing device like it will be named as HTC VIVE ’Oasis’ rumors were somehow true but RikardSteiber, HTC’s Spokesmen also told that coming year will be better for Virtual Reality Technology and new V. R kits will be more developed and adaptable.

The New HTC VIVE 2 will available in 2017.There were some rumors about HTC VIVE 2 that the new headset would support 4K displays with a refresh rate of 120Hz, up from 90Hz on the current model. And going to release in next week are false. All of there were false, Whatever the rumors the HTC VIVE 2 will definitely a great invention.

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