How Much Is Donnie Wahlberg Net Worth Right Now 2017

Donnie wahlberg net worth: $20 million

Donald Edmond wehlberg Jr known as Donnie wahlberg is a famous American film artist, producer song playwright, radio star and musician and music director who has net worth of $20 million, most of which is earned by his performance with the street kids of block and as member of 1980’s boy.


Dnnie wehlberg was born on August 17 1969 in Dorchester located in united states, he is eight of nine kids, his mother was a nurse’s subordinate in St Margarate hospital and his father Donald wehlberg was a truck driver.

He got his schooling from William Monroe totter school of Roxbury , in this duration he developed great interest for rap music and he started creating the rap libretto with his friend Denny wood.

After the split of his parents he attended Copley high school here he polished his talent by performing in school dramas, this is place where he and his younger brother Mark made the first rap group named “cool aid Bunch.”

In 1984 Donnie impressed Mauric starr in auditions through his singing ,dancing and raping talent and enrolled him main focus of “new kids of the block.”

They released their first album “be my girl” and after almost two years they launched their second album “ hanging tough” and then the group after partition from Maurice starr autonomously launched “face the music” after some time Donnie also left the group and focused on his acting career he played role in “bullet”, “ransom”, “black circle boy”, “souhie” and then “sixth sense”.

He also showed his talent in dramas “boom town” and “drama catcher” “Annapolis and “runaway” then “blue blood” during this period the “new kids of block” group reunited and launched their album which was a huge break through.

Then this group released “don’t do girl” and ”step by step” and “tonight” got popularity among fans in 2001 launched band of brothers received six Emmy awards and his reality show “Wehlbergers” was also selected for best reality television show.

He his married two times first time with Kim fey they got separated after years in 2008 and second time Donnie got married to actress McCarty.

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