Hillary Clinton Start Firing Back On Donald Trump For His “Millions Illegally Voted” Claim

The U.S Presidential Election 2016 conflict yet not been settled down as the nominees are continuously accusing of illegally voted, the democratic roared to life on Sunday when republican claimed of illegally voting for Hillary Clinton.


The 45th American President-elect Donald Trump not forget his Presidential rival Hillary Clinton because when a voice of recount was started echoing from Hillary Clinton’s side, the President-elect made a new claim against her as he allegedly made bogus claim that millions of popular voters illegally voted for democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the recent war of Presidency.

The annoyed businessman and recently elected United States President Donald J. Trump made a bold but unsubstantiated assertion in one of his tweets, the tweet unveils the doubt of Donald Trump as he used to say millions of people illegally voted democratic Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race of 2016.

Although, the winner previously rebuttal on conceding the results before the shocking announcement took twitter to indict the voter’s fraud and also opened the democratic nominee had already conceded the election results.

The 70-years old President-elect although effectively supported for recount had been accusing Hillary with baseless serious allegation which was proven wrong when he previously called the election campaign rigged before the final results. He put a baseless allegation, “Millions voted illegally.”

The defeated democratic rival Hillary Clinton not bow down against his baseless allegation and roared back on Donald Trump to life on Sunday. The tweets of Donald Trump boiled Hillary with frustrations as he falsely claimed about the “Millions” of illegal votes.

The deputy communication director Christina Reynolds tweeted back, “Winning the Electoral College won him the presidency,” he also stated “Trump’s excuses on why he lost the popular vote by millions are just small and sad”.

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