GTA 6 Grand Theft Auto Release Date, Trailer, News And Feature Game Release In 2018

Uncounted players have been waiting eagerly release of “Grand Theft Auto 6” that believes one of the biggest video game show-grounds, expected to hit play-stations next year.

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David Jones and Mike Dailly don’t have idea how fans got excited to discover the sixth installment of the game which is reported to be availed in store for players but confirm date is still missed in reports.

If latest accounts are to be deemed, fans have been requesting so long to mark powerful female character in upcoming version from an action-adventure video game series but it doesn’t make sense they don’t want the male protagonist.

We also have discovered from current revelation regarding “GTA 6” that it will be showing a bundle of cities and location in the game even to unveil the new and improved professions. The profession of President of the America will also be the pat of sixth installment of action-adventure based game.

It has also revealed in reports that developers have designed some new missions as well some new features to build more interest of players in next version. Some renowned technology related websites have also indicated to fulfill demands of GTA lovers, developers have built a female Protagonist for sixth installment while ‘GTA 6’ will be upgraded with VR Box (Virtual Reality).

However, players can beautify their favorite character with stylish clothes and a number of vehicles as well missions will be in next installment that to be took place a retro look of 1970.

Speculations are also noised the sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto features in Vice City, Houston or Texas, while some games producers have revealed that it will placed in American city as may have in New York City or Miami.

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