Greek Police Stun Grenades And Use Tear Gas Amid Clash With Demonstrators Over Barack Obama’s Visit

Athens/ Greece: The riot has triggered the clash of Greek Police and demonstrators on Tuesday when protesters begin marching central Athens where 44th President of United States Barack Obama was making their last visit to city of Greece as the head of the state last time.


The clash of demonstrators and Greek Police when demonstrators attempted to cross the boundary lines by entering in the area off-limits, the riot escalated when Greek Police cops fired tear gas to resist their march towards off-limit area as well as Police stun grenades on protestors to quell the anti-Barack Obama march in city of Greece, Athens.

The 44th President of United States has made their way towards the central Athens to appear last time in the area as the head of the state but thousands of demonstrators initiated an anti-Barack Obama rally in Athens.

Police was in rest position till the marchers not attempted to cross the boundary line of the area where state head Barack Obama was making his last visit.

To disperse a large amount of protestors Police have no choice rather than to fire tear gas, and then the situation become more awkward as Police have to through grenades to quell the protestors.

Police arrested at least four people from the rally against Barack Obama in which one women is included who were slightly wounded by the Police during clashes.

The situation become uncontrollable when youth was taken a motorcycle ride donning black helmet and gas mask on their faces, armed with wooden clubs and dropping petrol bomb to reduce the effect of tear gas.

The rampage was launched between marchers and Police when rioters tried to cross hurdles put by Police and protestors engaged with Police as street fight.

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