Google Pixel Hacked Within 60 Seconds By Chinese Team

The Technology giant Company Google’s latest flagship Google Pixel has been hacked in less than a minute by Chinese hackers group also gets control on Mac operating system Sierra Safari Browser in 20 seconds.


A hacking competition has been held at PwnFest on Friday 11 October where several countries hackers are invited to show their skill, but the Chinese hacker team “Qihoo 360” rocked the event by hacking the Google’s latest flagship Google Pixel.

The Chinese hacker group “Qihoo 360” vows to hack the Google newest entry and proved their words by getting control the Google Pixel in less than 60 seconds.

The “Qihoo 360” group professional enough as they hacked the Mac OS Sierra Safari browser, the group kicked out the iPhone’s best security only in 20 seconds.

White-hat hackers team won the Google latest smart phone along with the heavy prize of $ 120,000 in cash, this all done by taking advantage of the invulnerability to get access to the codes of execution that is not disclosed on air.

The team showed off the proof of exploit which used a zero-day vulnerability as they attack to get the execution code on the smart phone, the team then launched Google Play Store without opening Google Chrome but when the chrome launch in the smart phone it popped a message that can be read as “Pwned by Qihoo 360 Alpha Team”.

The team won the cash prize and sends the Google’s latest entry Google Pixel vulnerability to Google Company on which the search giant company has started work to protect their smart phone as well as Google might stringent the security of Google Chrome.

Early this month when talks about Google Pixel and its rival iPhone went viral, when Android security director opened regarding security that iPhone is more protected than Android because Android is an open source in nature.

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