Google Pixel 2 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features Google Eyes Samsung Galaxy S8 Release

The next Google phone is going to launch soon in 2017 the Google pixel 2 is going to work in the upcoming feature Phone.

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In a press event at Mobile World congress few days before in which they told about the upcoming cell phone the new pictures and videos of the phone leak out through unknown source according to the view of cell phone it going to be a great launch.

It is told by local person in upcoming cell phone everything is going to be better than before which makes the phone more attractive and users waiting for it badly as they want to use it as they hear about the new features introduced in new Google pixel 2 cell.

This time processor is going to be more powerful as well as in crescent in memory and storage is also going to be a lot Google done many test for the phone with different newly updated processors also including Qualcomm Snapdragon chips and specialized Intel Hardware as well.

There are still some weeks left for the releasing time of Samsung Galaxy S8 and with that iPhone is also coming this year 2017, many new launches going to held in this year with new and better features according to the customer need many changes occurs in new upcoming models.

Amazing leak was that the upcoming iPhone hand set resembles a lot with coming model of Samsung S8 plus as seen both phone’s pictures few days before when the information and video of new models leak by unknown sources.

Coming newly models with water prove and dust resistance technologies going to be great mobile phones as users are waiting badly about their arrival in market its going to be a great year for the Samsung users as they going to get new models soon in going year.

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