Gold Coast Shooting Rampage: A Man Fatally Shoots Dead At Carrara

A man fatally shoots dead this morning in the Gold Coast which may be armed, Police are in search for the two individuals which include a man and a woman suspected to flew away after killing of a man.


A 41-years old victim whose identity has not yet been disclosed by Queensland Police officials, allegedly targeted by pair of a man and a woman as the victim wanted in relation to a fatal shooting on the Queensland area of Gold Coast.

The dead body of the man has founded by Police from his property on Riverbend Avenue in Carrara; the shooting has carried out earlier the morning at 8:45 a.m. of 2 December.

However, Police has initiated the investigation of the whole crime scene and their suspected list mentioned the name of a pair in part of investigation.

Police top suspected list included the name of a man and a woman, the man is around 18 year teenager allegedly linked with Pacific Island whose name although net yet declared but his picture along with the biography has been posted everywhere his biography reveals.

The teenager boy is approximately 175 centimeters tall with black hair, blacked haired boy has tattoo on the right cheek of his face.

The second suspect is a woman who is not a teenager because she is of 31 described as Caucasian in natural appearance, the lady has brown hair approximately 172 meters taller with attractive blue eyes, the blue eyed Caucasian lady has tattoo on the left side of her neck.

The state police although has disclosed the body measurement of suspect but still not known their names and identities so the Homicide detective has involved in the case for investigating interviewing several witnesses of the case.

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