General Raheel Sharif Reaches Turkey On Official Tour For Witness Joint Military Exercise

On Monday General Raheel Sharif the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan fly to Izmir a very beautiful city in Turkey, Izmir was situated on the Aegean Coast in Turkey and the old name of this city was Smyrna. This historical city was conquered by one of greatest warriors of history Alexander the Great this country was rich in history.


General Raheel Sharif was invited to Turkey to witness Joint Military Exercise, this exercise was conduct on a place near Izmir and this exercise was divided in two phases and its first phase was completed on Monday and other phase was completed on Tuesday General Raheel Sharif witness both phases and appreciated the efforts of Turkish Soldiers.

This trip of General Raheel Shareef to Turkey was official and on his two days trip he discuss matters of security situations in both the countries and even talked on Blochistan attacks and mutual interest was also the part of conversation of General Raheel Sharif with Turkish Governor.

In October 2015 General Raheel Sharif was awarded with Turkish Legend of Merit on his great performance in Pakistan how he controlled the terrorism in Pakistan and operation Zarb-e-Azab was going successfully in Pakistan and terrorist were nearly removed from Pakistan region.

Relationship of Pakistan and Turkey was started when both of countries us were under rule of British and at that time Muslims of Indo Pak send financial aid to Turkey for the betterment of Muslims in Turkey soon both of these countries got their Independence and their relation become very close due to similarities that both are Muslim countries and having similar interests.

Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam was admired from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founder of Turkey Quaid wants that Pakistan must be modern like Turkey but Public followed the path of Islam and left modernism later on General Pervez Musharraf also want to make Pakistan like turkey but failed.

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