Former President Barack Obama To Receive JFK Foundation’s Profile In Courage Award 2017

US ex-President Barack Obama has won the profile in Courage award 2017 given by the Joh F. Kennedy, John said it was given to Obama because of his extraordinary work done by him in his working years as he work on American health security systems he expand them a lot which is beneficent for millions of Americans.


Also restored the diplomatic relationship with Cuba which was also a great achievement of Obama many other great works done by him which made him rank up and as many positive things done by him in his time period for US.

Award was created in 1989 for public officials for those who work for people and serve their duties for public it is a type of gift to show the greatness and to encourage others to do so help human beings work for their benefits.

Obama is not the first President who received that award US ex-Presidents like Gerald Ford and George H.W Bush has also received such award on their brilliant works which they done in their time period.

John F. Kennedy during the nomination of President Barack Obama as the winner of the award Profile in Courage 2017, he said that award not for only his great time which he spend with people of America.

But also for his efforts shown by him and the love people get from him, he said Obama made an example for the upcoming nation and for all younger to get lesson from his efforts and in future try to serve as same as he did.

Barack Obama is an example of leadership everyone is missing him and will remember him forever; he will receive his award in month of May in a ceremony.

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