Former Mrs. America Jennifer Susan Kline,50 Accused of Swindling Macy’s

A former Mrs. America Beauty Queen is possibly facing up to 10 years in prison after she makes $ 5,000 worth of fraudulent return she made to Macy’s department store. Many other items are recovered from America beauty queen.


Jennifer was American former Mrs. Minnesota in 1988 and former Mrs. America, she is now 50 years ago but now she was arrested for causing more than $ 5000 damage and she deceives a local store.

According to the international news agency Jenifer was former Mrs. America and she bought thousands of Dollars cloths from the local store but she returned the same dress to the two different branches of the same store.

After one week of this purchase and overall she collected $ 5500 from the departmental store after that when the workers in the store realized that these dresses are not only fake but also used and old then they called police department.

Police searched Jennifer’s place and they found the real and expensive designer cloths and fake dresses were returned back to the designer’s stores and all of these dresses were taken in custody there were more than 34 items that Kline had supposedly returned.

she brought these dresses from the designer expensive stores and then returned their fake copy to the stores which are recover by police and there are chances that Jennifer may face 10 years in prison or $ 20,000 fine on the charges of theft by swindle according to the law.

She will now go to court for her further proceedings according to the law of united states of America.

This is not only the first event in America, many other famous women are found guilty of staling valuable things from the stores. Most of them are charged and faced prison for many years.

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