Former Miss Italy Contestant Left Scarred After a Horrific Acid Attack

After Gessica Notaro’s rejection her boyfriend Jorge Edson Tavares threw acid, while doctors believe she will have to have plastic surgery after the horror attack to recover beautiful face.


According to latest reports, doctors have fear that she may lose her sight, though police has taken in custody black boyfriend of Gessica.

The 28-year-old renowned television presenter as well as a dolphin trainer had rejected her boyfriend Jorge Edson Tavares after their two-year longer love relationship, who has decided to take revenge.

However, Gessica’s the 29-year-old former beau has denied doing horrifying acid attack, while she suffered deep burns to her face and eyes. She is in hospital in Cesena and being treated but doctors feel fear she may lose her sight.


When asked close friend of Gessica, we learnt Tavares got mad after she decided to end their relationship and showed indecent behavior all time since split. It is also said to be that her ex-beau harassed former Miss Italy contestant, has been taken n police custody as well remanded.

One of the most glamorous Italian television female celebrities also suffered injuries to her hip and leg in this horror attack which occurred in front of her residence.

Gessica and Tavares had worked together at an aquarium in Rimini, although she was crowned Miss Romagna, and emerged a finalist in Miss Italy competition in 2007. She is also known as a singer, dancer and television personality optimistic, friendly and smiling.


It is also described that the mother of most-liked Italian showgirl has got bit upset after this horrifying acid attack. Gessica began working at the aquarium in Rimini in 2014 while emerged as Miss Romagna in 2007 at her home land and later on won television projects as showgirl.

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