Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Cleared By Court Of Killing Protesters During 2011 Revolution

Last president of Egyptian was released from killing people of protesters case, the case was running in court from almost 6 years as the incident happened in 2011.


Nearby eight hundred people was killed by security teams during the protest in 2011, in August once President Mubarak was appeared there in court for hearing about the deaths occurs there in 2011 first his punished was announced that he remain in jail for his all life.

After a time period of six month order of court overturned and he was released in 2014 according to legal procedure saying of Court was Mr Mubarak looked innocent according to proves he had so it is not good thing to remain him in prisoner as he is innocent Judge Ahmed Abdel Qawi said.

According to the news report it was said that the action was legal as president always responsible for the country goods and bad Mr Mubarak was doing his job and there is nothing goes against him so he is found innocent overall.

With addition to that court also closed all the way of case as now there is no chance to recall it, as there was no one from the family of killed people on last Thursday at court hearing.

Some people showed response against to the court, Taha Hussain Mahmoud lost his 19 year old son in that incident he said decision was not unexpected we are just said because the blood of our people lost in vain.

But they are in better place now from where we are now he was looked very upset as like him many other families look a lot worried as they lost many of their people but killer are now on roads and from now no one can ask anything to them.

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