Female Suicide Bombing In Turkey’s Bursa Left 13 People Injured

A female suicide bomber detonated himself with heavy explosive up outside a historical mosque in Turkey, left nearly 13 people injured, Turkish authorities told reporters.


After the sudden or unexpected suicide incident, stampede appeared at targeted site as female bomber hit the Grand Mosque of Bursa on Wednesday afternoon. The bombing wasn’t minor but also a powerful attack as damaged badly nearby food points as well shop.

However, police officers blockaded the Grand Mosque, while if latest reports are to be believed though at least seven people were injured seriously at first.

On the other hand, the Turkish Health Minister explained that wounded figure rises to 12 so far, although no one claimed responsibility for the female suicide bombing which occurred after a space of Kurdish and Islamic State’s series of explosions in Turkey.

The female who blew up himself with heavy explosive also scattered at site into pieces outside the western gate of mosque.

Nonetheless, the Grand Mosque also known as Ulu Cami, is believed one of the biggest attractions of early Ottomoan architecture, located in the centre of Bursa’s old city and a number of shops and cafes, placed around side its building.

By considering the recent condition, American officials had alerted Turkish authorities of possible terrorist threats at tourist attractions in western Asian nation on 26 April, 2016, Tuesday, as some believable signs were appearing in past days.

The United States Embassy had posted a warning on its website, saying Washington has been receiving some reports of possible threats for days as some suspects were reportedly search for popular tourist destinations in entire Turkey.

Although the US authorities had also warned American citizens to be attentive and stay away to crowded areas and popular tourist destinations, because militants are reported to be seeking places to attack them.

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