Ex-Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Predicts World Prepares For War

The former leader of the Soviet Union, Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev, has requested nations to criticize nuclear weapons and also predicted that world is preparing for war.


Nobel Peace Prize winner has served as the Soviet Union’s leader from 1988 until dissolution of nation in 1991, advised Russian President Vladmir Putin, the United Nations and US President Donald Trump, to criticize nuclear war.

The 85-year-old said in his statement that as it seems to be military leaders, senior politicians more and more aggressive and defense policies get more dangerous, continued saying that television personalities and analysts are becoming part of the belligerent chorus, that what clearly shows fears of world war is on way.

Gorbachev also indicated that a large number of tanks and soldier have been posted to Eastern Europe previous week that considers large deployment since the Cold War, even NATO and Russian troops are being posted near one another ‘seems to be alert for possible battle.’

Experienced Gorbachev also penned in his statement, everything is clear as the great world powers have been getting worsen day by day for some years, sounds like next world war.

On other side, US president Trump took his Twitter in December to share that his has started paying attention on the United States’ nuclear arsenal enhancement.

While the 45th United States President by expanding his tweet that he just want to enlarge his nuclear power owing to worries about a likely global arms race.

Russian and US presidents, both have a main duty criticizing nuclear war as they control over 89 percent of the global nuclear weapons, said Gorbachev.

Former Soviet Leader considers nuclear war must be banned because in this modern world great powers have been designed deadliest weapons those can spoil completely environment.

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