European Court Muslim Girls Must Swim With Boys In Switzerland

Switzerland has achieved success in a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) case that forces Muslim parents to allow their daughters to attend swimming lessons in school along with boys.


However, one of the officials from Basel’s school, Switzerland, has demonstrated in 2008, a Muslim couple was being forced joining their daughters in a mandatory swimming class in spite of their objections as they didn’t want to send girls attending swimming lesson with boys.

The school officials have offered the couple some accommodations that the girls at age of 9 and 7, could put on body-covering swimsuits that also known as “burkinis” and those could remove the dress for the class without any boys present throughout the swimming lessons.

An objection came out from Swiss-Turkish parents of a girl belonging to Basel, mother Sehabat Kocabaş and father Aziz Osmanoǧlu, who denied accepting school’s officials’ offer to enroll their daughters in swimming classes alongside the boys, because parents want to follow their beliefs those never allow them to give permission their own children.

According to latest reports, the parents have received an offer from education officials in the canton of Basle Urban, while also announced 1,000 Swiss francs (£813) fine if they never give permission but regardless of negotiation attempts by the school, set on not to enroll the compulsory classes.

Nevertheless, school officials also issued strict order to father Osmanoğlu and mother Kocabaş to pay a fine of CHF 350 per parent (child – a total of CHF 1,400- £1,138) in the result of their breach.

After receiving complaints, Judges learnt that the swimming lessons have importance for children development and health and hence decided the parents should allow their girls by removing their religious convictions. Court also declared the parents have no right to present any hurdle in way child development and health.

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