Earthquake: Indonesian Aceh Province Earthquake Killed Near To 100 People

Indonesia: The powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.5 has collapsed dozens of building and rises the death toll to 97, still the national rescue services are evacuating several people who are still under damaged buildings.


The world globe have been suffering from the wave of earthquake and tsunami from the startup of 2016, recently a strong earthquake was recorded in New Zeeland Island, although there were hardly reported of deaths the series of quakes much damaged the New Zeeland’s infrastructure.

May the ending of this year also ended the harsh wave of quakes but at in the last month of year another earthquake of 6.5-magnitude has left reportedly 97 people dead while the wounded people statistics still not revealed.

The dawn of Wednesday morning in Indonesian Sumatra Island turns horrible when a powerful 6.5 magnitude earthquake target the beautiful island, just after the quake struck to island rescue services headed towards the island to help out the people.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the province rises to 97 and the wounded people get first aids from emergency services, with collapse of dozens of building the services suspected there will be people buried under buildings.

U.S Geological Survey has expressed the power of earthquake is 6.5 magnitude and also mentioned the necessary detail that the province has not tsunami threats.

The Chief of Indonesian Army of Aceh province Maj Gen Tatang Sulaiman gives the updated toll by adding the rescue services pulled up five from rubble alive and four were also known to be buried but it’s not clear whether they dead or alive.

The country early faced the disaster of massive quake along with tsunami in the same month of 2004, the rescue team of Aceh province used tractors and other powerful vehicle to shift people who were buried under collapsed buildings.

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