Donald Trump’s Signed Travel Ban Blocks On New Visas For 6 Muslim Nations

On Monday a new order was signed by the American’s President Donald trump forbid entrance of the native of six major Muslim countries except Iraq from the previous January’s order.


Also restore a short-term complete ban on all immigrants. This order comes after the exclusive order of Trump’s almost within six weeks.

This order was blocked by the federal government due to causing chaos at different airports of America. If focused on the real words of the order that it was indefinitely banned Syrian immigrant’s entrance in America and order to go back to their home countries to the religious minorities.

Criticism on religion test for entry was that provision. In the Middle East run off the Christians prefers over the Muslims of the War-torn Regions of different countries.

On 16 March after implementing new ban only those citizens of six forbidden countries having valid visas or long-lasting resident permitted to come in the United States also including those citizens having revoked visas before implementing the ban.

Monday Attorney General Jeff Sessions statement that we are not negotiation about the security of our nation to allow those peoples entrance while their own government are not provide their information or any place to stay there and all those who support terrorism.

After three weeks regular delays at least Donald Trump signed on this order in front of reporters and news channels. After last delay to prevent from the bad news coverage white house officials decided to signing it before the joint address of Congress.

Six countries named Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen citizens are strictly banned to obtain the visas for at least 90 days. The entrance of refugees in US is banned up to 120 days. That’s why these restrictions are for only the Muslims and refugees of different countries.

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