Donald Trump Signs ‘New Executive Order’ To Remove Islamic Militants

The United States president has approved a comprehensive new executive order on 27 January, 2017 removing refugee arrivals as well as ordered to launch new strict strategies to control on travelers from seven Muslim nations.


It seems to be that Donald Trump carrying honestly one of his most controversial campaign promises, while said he is on way to make America safest nation hence US has to remove completely radical Islamic terrorists.

During a swearing ceremony of James Mattis as his secretary of defense at Pentagon, US president approved an executive order called protection of the America from overseas terrorist entry into the homeland.

A draft text had been revealed to American media previously seven days ago, even the White House didn’t instantly responded over the ruling made public by US tabloids.

Mr. Trump said during his speech that his administration love deeply those Americans who really support or admire its ruling to push back overseas terrorist from United States of America.

Latest verdict from Trump administration suspending all US refugee resettlement program for more than 120 days, though considers bit tough rules are formed. Mr. Trump’s advance over removal of radical Islamic terrorists will surely be giving positive results because these are threat to US welfare and security.

By highlighting US president’s new executive order, bans Syrian refugees from the America for an indefinite period or depends on Trump’s will that how longer he carries it.

The 45th U.S. President has also banned visas for three-months to migrants or visitors belonging especially seven Muslim nations such as Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria.

Meanwhile, a number of anti-terrorism experts and Civil liberties groups strictly condemned Trump’s moves by saying it inhumane as new executive order put persecuted people in risk.

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