Donald Trump Picks James Mattis For Defense Secretary Of US

President-elect Donald Trump finally lays out the military plan for United States by introducing the retired Marine Corps General of U.S James Mattis to lead the United States defense department amid the thank-you rally in North California on Tuesday.


No matters how Donald Trump won, the republican President-elect Donald Trump is on the way to arrange the rallies to the state that enables him to hold the power of United States leader.

Donald Trump backed in public to give thanks to every supporter in North California but the rally is not just specified for thanking the supporters, President-elect Donald Trump lays out the country defense plan and introduces the James Mattis as the Defense Secretary.

The statements stated by 45th President-elect Donald Trump, “In order to succeed in our defense policy, we must have to elect the right and eligible person to lead in our Defense Department,”

he then expressed the “ I am proud to formally announce today my intention to nominate General James “Mad Dog” Mattis who formally served United States the 11th commander, the next Secretary of Defense for the United States of America.”

The U.S Presidential election 2016 although has declared businessman Donald Trump the winner of the race but he previously much disliked by the majority of U.S nation.

Whatever in the past, the President-elect once again appeared in a rally in North California and unveiled his U.S defense plan.

according to him instead of “racing to topple” foreign regimes that we know nothing about them as well as the military plan also read as instead of destroying the extremist organizations like ISIS and defeating the terrorism the country just have to move forward to become a great nation.

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