Donald Trump Invites Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas To Visit White House

First official call from the U.S President Donald Trump to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and invites to White house. Official call on discussion about the stability and long lasting peace in this region on Friday.


After the confirmation of spokesperson from the both side it is stated that all the conversation was fully positive and in the favor of both countries. Discussion is about the current situation and to remove consequences developed about the Israelis are under the US Support.

The Purpose of this 10 min phone call is to overcome the hyper tension between the US Government and the Palestinian. This is a good effort of the United Nation that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas comes at last of this month.

Its Donald Trump first phone call and invitation after taking oath and responsibilities as a President of USA. Before this two times call and a visit of Israelis Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month. Officials of Israelis said that that was the result of the Palestinian President Abbas about the settlement of his government and occupied the land in this region.

That was very favorable for both countries to resolve their issues by discussion and US plays a positive role to minimize the situation to go on the way of war. War is not the solution of any problem for both countries.

It is admired that all those countries who are involved in such activities have gain nothing only economical losses and also go down the Peace or the stability in the region and their nation.

The entire world and the nations are looking towards US to resolve these ambiguities and misunderstanding between both Palestinian and Israelis government. Now it’s a good effort from the US to takes some steps to raise this long term issue towards its solution.

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