Donald Trump Claim Japan Richest Tech Billionaire Masayoshi Son Vows To Invest $50 Billion In U.S

New York: Asia’s two biggest technology companies’ vows to expand business by investing $ 50 billion to United States’ business, the United States President-elect Donald Trump give approval to news the SoftBank’s billionaire businessman Masayoshi Son pour $ 50 billion in United States business.


The world’s powerful technology company of Japan is all set to shake hand with the other technology powerful company of United States, the SoftBank’s billionaire businessman, CEO, and Chairman Masayoshi Son.

The billionaire business firm Chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son met with United States President-elect Donald Trump and pledges to pour as many as $ 50 billion in United States businesses.

The Korean-Japanese head of SoftBank group Masayoshi Son although vows to invest 50 billion dollars in American business but there is another firm in the ground Apple Inc supplier Foxconn revealed preliminary discussion in United States operations is the much-talked point.

When the story appears in an article the wave of gossips geared up then the Donald Trump answered the people’s targeted question.

The questions fired by audience will the Japanese Technology giant SoftBank group invest $ 50 billion in U.S. business? The American recently elected Donald Trump claims the billionaire not only investing a large amount there also popped up 50,000 domestic jobs.

A meeting held in New York City, the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son commit to putting a worthy amount of $ 50 billion on Tuesday investment.

The promised $ 50 billion worth will likely transfer from SoftBank global tech fund then the CEO of SoftBank will pour $ 525 billion over five years and with the contribution of Saudi Arabia public investment it will become $ 45 billion.

The SoftBank CEO asserted the fund potential may increase as large as $ 100 billion if they found more investors and contributors.

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