Disney’s “Moana” Earned Staggering Box Office At Thanksgiving Holiday Eve

The American 3D Animated musical computer-animated Disney’s “Moana” movie toped the Thanksgiving Eve by picking up the staggering box office of $ 15.7 million in first full day of its release on 23 November.


The 56th entry of Disney’s animated feature film at the American National Holiday of Thanksgiving Day has attracted a huge amount of viewers.

The Disney’s best animated film “Moana” stunned the fans not only by its 3D computer animated graphics and the lovely story but also staggered the box office by collection a record breaking box office on its first day of release on 23 November.

The blasting entry of animated movie “Moana” on box office grabbed $ 15.7 million on its first day of opening at national holiday, the 56th Disney’ “Moana” brought down a staggering amount of 15.7 million dollars and melted the record of “Frozen” which was released in 2013 and emerge as a record creating movie by grabbing the amount of $ 15.2 million at its first full day of opening.

Ron Clements directional venture is on the hot streak on box office as the company has dropped number of hits this year.

The hit collection of Walt Disney Pictures of the year included the names of “Finding Dory”, “Zootopia” and “Jungle Box” while the next one expected entry has struck on theaters on 23rd November.

The Disney Franchise although picked massive box office this year and also getting more with 56th installment but the franchise is ambitious to drop another film titled “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has to throw on big screen next month from which they expected to debut with more than $ 130 million.

The completion of the first day although announce the winner “Moana” but it is still under consideration whether the Disney’s 3D animated movie beats the “Frozen” five day record of $ 93.4 million?

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