Devil May Cry 5 Release Date, News, Update, Free Download 2017

Devil May Cry is released first in 2001 by Capcom’s now they are celebrating their 15th year. the rumors about Devil May Cry 5 may be becoming real as the director Hideaki Itsuno announced the new game in 2017, increased fan curiosity.

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Devil May Cry is Actually game series which was released by Capcom by Hideki Kamiya in 2001 which is actually the sequence of Capcom’s Resident Evil. Director Capcom announced on his twitter account the release of this new game.

This announcement was exactly at 1130 pm on Dec 31, 2016. According to sources, Itsuno did not give any clue for which game is going to release but Devil May Cry 5 is most awaiting game titles from Capcom.

According to the report, Devil May Cry 5 was to release with Sony PS4 and PS4 Neo because of the meeting that held last September 7, 2016, in which it may have decided to make Devil May Cry 5 release with these releases but there was no release of the game at that time also.

However, Many Gamers were expecting this announcement at 2016 Capcom’s panel at Tokyo Game Show on September 15, 2016, but the company announced nothing from the gaming company.

Capcom’s gave the list of games which were going to release but there was no space for Devil May Cry 5. At that time, it was expected that Capcom’s may release short video trailer of the game and also the release date but nothing was revealed at that Tokyo Game Show.

Despite all, the gamers were still hoping for the game release but at the end of the show, they all left with anger and sadness. Gamers have to wait for Devil May Cry 5 until some official date is announced by the Capcom regarding the release of this most awaited game.

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