Cuba Allies Join Thousands Of Supporters To Honor Fidel Castro In Havana

Cuba: Thousands of allies and Washington’s top diplomats gathered in Havana in a sprawling rally on Tuesday to pay tribute the late Former Prime Minister of Cuba Fidel Castro.


Cuba’s leftist allies joined thousands of Cubans along with American, African and United States leaders in a sprawling rally to commemorate the late former Cuba’s Prime Minister Fidel Castro, the brave and patriot leader who built a communist state on the doorstep of the United States.

The massive number of allies gathered for the final honor to former Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro with African and American leaders before his ashes taken away across the country.

The honorable man Fidel Castro, who built communist state on the doorstep of the United States, died at the age of 90 on the day of Friday.

The former late Prime Minister of Cuba Fidel cedes the control after about a decade to his 85-years old younger brother who is well known by his name Raul Castro.

Regarding Fidel Castro best moves for Cuba, he led the bearded rebels who seized the power in 90’s and built his own regime on the island in the face of United States opposition which was restored in 2014 when U.S 44th President Barack Obama reversed the course.

Not only thousands of Cuban people but there were also the huge amount of African, Latin American leaders as well that have paid tribute to charismatic Fidel Castro on Tuesday night.

The giant picture featuring young and bearded Fidel Castro was is their guerilla uniform and hung the riffle outside the library as the late leader’s younger brother Raul Castro have to waved the crowd.

The sprawled ceremony in Havana took initiative with loving national anthem and then all commemorated the late Prime Minister of Cuba.

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