Court Charges Indonesia, Vietnam 2 Women With Murder Of Kim Jong Nam

Hong Kong: Murder Case of Kim Jong Nam two women were involved ask court to arrest both women on Wednesday Kim Jong Nam was the step brother of Northen Korea,s leader, he was killed last month at Malaysian airport.


One is of Indonesia name Siti Aisyah age is twenty five and the second is from Vietnam name Doan Thi Huong age is twenty eight both are going to face plenty of murder as both were proved as killer of Kim’s.

According to the local news report Siti Aisyah was wearing T-shirt of red color when she was brought in court for hearing the Doan Thi Huong was also in same dress casually.

Indonesia Foreign Ministry Armanatha Nasir said he hoped Aishah would receive a fair trial while speaking in Jakarta.

He said we are hoping that the rules of a defendant give law to innocent until proved as bad will be adhered to, Armanatha Nasir showed his faith to his country lawyers as he said the lawyer that has been selected for the case for Siti Aisyah will make case for her.

American officials and South Korean intelligence have set a search team for murder reports they appointed some talented people of there for that work and they work greatly as they told all the things clearly to their officers what they observe was that both women involved in murder as there were many things against them.

The next court date is 13 of April when the both women country lawyers come to defend their women and every one will try his level best to get justice now see what will be new on 13 April everyone is waiting for next coming date of the case and hopping for the best results and justice.

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