Congo Security Forces Killed 40 Protesters Of Anti-Government Protesters In Last 15 Days

Intention behind this action to complete the second and last lawful obligation of Mr. President Joseph Kabila at 19 December 2016. According to the United Nation(UN) new statement about Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) had killed 40 persons in which 5 are females and 2 are children in between 15 to 31 December 2016.


40 protesters are killed in these days 15 days and minimum 147 are injured, having 14 are female and 18 are children. While arrested no of persons are 917 having 30 are female and 95 are the children from state agents by DRC.

This protest is against Kabila. Statement comes from the Congolese government tells there are 22 persons died after these clashes, in which one of them is a police officer and others are murdered through stray bullets or although looting.

Due to the delay process of registering lots of voters government cannot able to organize the elections of selecting presidential which were scheduled for last month but it extends to April 2018.

Declaration comes from the opposition leaders that the delay of presidential elections is benefited by Kabila to enjoy the power more days and their change will be must to run the setup of constitutional again. President Kabila rejects the responsibilities but he had failed to not changing the establishment in public commit.

On Tuesday, Capital of Congo Kinshasa and their surrounding cities were jerked by the protesters.

Kabila comes in power when his father was died in 2001, Millions of African nation was killed in different battles held between 1996 and 2003.

That’s why the image of the diplomatic transaction of control is not so good. The leader of opposition stated that only when president commits publicly to leave his designation and take part as a nominated member in next elections.

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