Colombian Plane Crash: The Brazilian Football Team Chapecoense Was Among The Victims

A charted aircraft plane which was carrying the Brazilian first division soccer team Chapecoense was also on board along with more than 80 people which were bent down during its flight from Bolivia to Medellin.


The Colombian Plane crash left the casualties of a large number of people in which a top Brazilian soccer team heading towards Colombia from Brazil for their important regional tournament final, the team and total of more than 80 plane passengers suffered from a deadly accident.

The accident of plane crash happened when the plane carrying more than 80 people went down during their flight to Medellin from Bolivia.

The Brazilian football team Chapecoense supposed to die because the crash is as massive as it can harm the edges of the plane.

however, the reports are somewhat more disappointed as the authorities initially estimated the casualties of all members which mean the whole football team that was heading to Medellin for final tournament match is no more along with other plane passengers.

The Mayor of Brazilian football team destination Medellin reported, the plane crash was louder enough and it is impossible there could be any survivors but after wee hour reports claimed, out of 81 plane passengers the death of 75 people has been reported and confirmed but with the lack of death toll the survivor toll increased to six.

The plane was rushed with 72 football team members, team officials, journalists and others while there reportedly six survivors confirmed in which the Brazilian Soccer Team goalkeeper and Alan Ruschel are among the six survivors.

The Brazilian Football team Chapecoense scheduled to be the rival team for the final tournament match against Atlético Nacional football team in Medellin on Wednesday but the whole team members have to suffer from the deadly incident.

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