Colombian Government Signed Revised Peace Deal With FARC Rebels

The Colombian Government has finally signed the revised peace accord with FARC rebels but the public opinion still divided over the new peace agreement.


Despite bitter criticism from the opponents, the Colombian government now pledged to end up their half century long conflict with FARC rebels.

Bogota: The diplomatic moment of the year has been notice when FARC rebel leader waved his hand in air to cheer among the huge crowd and the President of Colombia smiled after signing the historic agreement of peace and then the both countries leaders has shaken their hands in front of public but the agreement got mixed arguments from the country’s civilians.

The historic moment recorded on 24 November 2016 when two rebel countries Colombia and FARC has settled down with a peaceful agreement as the President of Colombia and the leader of FARC have signed a new peace deal vows to eradicate their wild half-century conflict although it received bitter criticism along with appreciation in a slightly low key event on capital city Bogota.

The original deal signed previously in couple of months before in September with great fanfare but the voters have rejected the referendum of peace deal in October.

The refused referendum has once again gathered the negotiators on a table to put a revised peace accord and the time arrived on Thursday when authorities unveiled the revised peace deal with half-century FARC rivals.

The accord goes under the consideration of congress also to get the approval and it is likely believed to pass this time.

The low-key ceremony in Colombian’s capital Bogota was first get approval from the Senate on Thursday who utters words that the revised peace deal is better than singed in Cartagena and all this done because we all picked the combine observations and hopes of majority of the people.

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