Clash Between Mexican Police And Drug Dealer Killed 14 People

Mexico City: The densely populated Mexican city has been in a deep controversy over a significant amount of drug dealer or smuggler, recently the Mexican Police confidently encountered 14 criminals who were allegedly drug dealers, but there recorded no details for wounded peoples.


The famous and Capital City Mexico City is well known for having important financial center in American as well as it is believed of having a stronghold of drug smugglers.

so the Mexican city police are always in hunt of this smuggler to eradicate dangerous disease for young Mexican generation by which most of the Mexican youth affected.

The skirmish between Police officials and drug smuggler happened when the city police was on a routine round of the Capital. A stupid smuggler attack on the Police car but all the officers totally safe and take their position for attack.

Just after the first shoot from criminal’s side, the Police officers have unleashed the wave of a shooting rampage, the clash between Mexican Police and alleged drug smuggler left the killing of 14 people on drug smugglers side but there not reported any death toll from Police side.

The clash although killed the 14 drug smuggler but there also count who flew away from the crime scene, although there officially not unveiled the wounded people count.

According to the Mexican State News Agency spokesman said the municipal police in the city of Jesus Carranza which is 255 miles away from the south of state capital changed into a battleground, 14 gunmen were a knockout by state petrol after they opened fire on them.

The state of Mexico Veracruz believed to have a large number of drug smugglers as well as also considered the home for the variety of turf battles, and the state area has included in the extreme violent zone.

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