Chicago Sexual Assault Streamed Live On Facebook

In Chicago a group of people almost 6 men raped a girl in somewhere of US and posted her video on Facebook live where 40 people saw that video but no one call the police.


Facebook is a place where people share their ideas through different ways like by posting some sayings or by using facebook new feature which is named as ‘Live facebook’ where people want to show some special things live to other ones.

The teen girl who is 15 years old who had been missing since Sunday, some young boys attacked on him as one can see on facebook when they posted live on there and it is hurtful that no one calls the police.

This is a bad news for our society that if some where some people are trying to make bad things with others but no one is there to stop them, they only watch them and enjoy the scenes like that accident on live facebook.

Her mother was in search of her, she went to police station for make a statement on Monday late afternoon about her daughter’s missing, she told them that her daughter had been missing from last day and show them the pictures which she took from the facebook.

Police authority said the officers that investigate the case immediately, make a connection with facebook authority for the removal of that video and catch the young boys who are in video as soon as possible.

This is so bad news for a educated and developed country like US, it is the second case in almost three months that some make the sexuality assaulted video on live facebook and police is on his way to capture them as soon as they investigate them and according to sergeant they will give a such a punish that will remunerable for whole society.

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