Carrie Fisher Confirms Intense Affair With Harrison Ford

The American actress Carrie Fisher has finally confirmed her intense affair with American actor Harrison Ford, the secret revelation originally comes from the set of “Star Wars” that the actress hiding from nearly four decades.


After around 40 year of hiding secret, the Princess Leia of “Star Wars” finally publically opened her vault and confirms her intense affair with Han Solo of “Star Wars”, Carrie Fisher has cleaned her side by makin revelation that she and Han Solo was not only flirted in “Star Wars” but also had a real-life affair as well.

The 60-years old actress Carrie Fisher provided the exclusive details to People Magazine about each and every moment of her affair with 74-years old actor Harrison Ford while filming “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” that was released in 1976.


It was really a very typical and kosher situation when she was flirted in the age of 19 with a 33-years old man who was then married and has two children. The Princess Leia gave an advance notice to Han Solo that she would spelling tea on her new memoir.

The actress clear the air around her about her affair with Harrison Ford after four decades as rumors previously hinted that Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher may had a romantic fling moment on the set of “Star Wars: Episode IV- A new Hope”.


In the memoir, the Princess Diarists, she unveiled how insecure she was felt as she was lock with the impressive glamour of hero’s face man.

She also reveals some silly moments when she found handsome man fully drunk she then seduced by the handsome actor while they were filming on the sets of Tunisia although he was married with Mary Murquardt and father of two children.

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