Car Bombing Kills A Number of People Close To Syrian Town Of al-Bab

Beirut: More than 55 people have been killed in a car bombing in north of a Syrian town, was recently retaken from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and Syrian opposition fighters, although dozens people were wounded in this massive explosion.


According to latest reports, a large number of people were gathered to return home at town of Al-Bab that remained in control of one of the most dangerous militant organizations in Middle East since 2013, although the city northeast of Aleppo, 30 km south of the Turkish border, was recaptured after over two-month longer battling with Islamist fighters.

When asked a leading Syrian opposition fighter in the region, Mohammed al-Tawil told media reporters that a suicide bomber detonated his small pickup truck in front of a security office in Sousian village, located about 5 miles (8 kilometers) north of al-Bab.

However, fresh updates from the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and activist groups Aleppo Media Center demonstrated more than 56 people have been killed in latest bombing that considered one of the most deadliest attacks in Syria.

Al-Tawil added saying suicide bombing was carried out when a large of number of civilians from al-Bab were called by the opposition fighters who organized the return, who were transferred at safer place because of severe fighting in the town.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s fighters had been taken control of Al-Bab since late 2013, while it was regained from one of the most brutal militant groups on 23 February after two-month longer battling launched by Turkish military behind Syria’s opposition fighters.

Although, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has revealed seven opposition fighters’ fatalities during fighting in the area from land mines left behind by Islamic State.

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