Canada: Quebec City Mosque Shooting Kills 6, Injures 8

Some unknown armed people stormed launching firing at a mosque in Quebec City in Canada, on 29 January, 2017, though prime minister strictly condemned the act saying terrorist attack on a Muslim worship and refugee center.


Quebec City shooting has shot dead about six people and injured at least eight, while some armed persons suddenly launched firing when Muslims were offering their evening prayer, though police have taken in custody two suspects, authorities said.

The Quebec police carried out a sudden raid after the incident by searching suspects, but didn’t reveal about condition of arrested persons yet.

However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has started investigation, although armed people attacked men’s section of the holy place, Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre President Mohamed Yangui said in his statement, while shooting have killed six males as well have fear of children were among deaths.

He also added that when shooters stormed the mosque that time at least 60-100 people would have been offered their prayers. Although, eye witness told reporters that not only single person were shooting even more than one inside mosque at evening, but authorities took control the worsen condition after some seconds about nearly 10:40 p.m. ET and security had been evacuated holy place.

These terrorists didn’t have idea regarding value of our religious tolerance and strength, even the sudden attack seems to be senseless violence, Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister said on Sunday late hours.

Trudeau added that Muslim-Canadians have crucial respect as well an important part the Canada, though there is no place for bad people and their acts in their cities, communities and country.

Chrystia Freeland, who is Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, also condemned latest terrorist act caused tensions, but his country will stand united, with you and against such criminals.

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