Bus Crash In Istanbul: 11 Injured After Umbrella Bus Assault

Turkish police has detained a man who becomes the cause of deadly crash in Istanbul on 23 September, the driver attacked by an umbrella in which 11 of them where badly wounded when metro bus struck with a bus that lost control.


The local bus authorities confirmed the bus crash and its reason, according to bus authorities’ metro bus driver first attacked by an anonymous.

Usually metro bus travels in its own lane but when driver attacked with umbrella, bus lost control and give up its own lane and ploughed into line commuter traffic.

With only a single wrong doing of anonymous bus lost control and headed a serious crash, bus drove over almost three cars, cause a massive violence and damage for the next morning rush. Due to deadly attack a key highway has to be shut for a long time while 11 innocent passenger and travelers wounded badly.

Turkish television has showed the whole incident in form of video footage in which one of the passengers had been arguing with the driver, swung the driver with his umbrella.

Turkish police questioned an adult man of 35-years old, who has been suspected to be the man of umbrella attacker.

Luckily the driver and eleven other wounded passengers not seriously hurt but a passenger identified the umbrella attacker named Murat A.

However, rescue services immediately reached the crash scene and send more serious persons to the nearby hospitals while the crash has created too much violence and blocked the key highway but after two hour the damaged metro bus lifted from the road by the help of a crane and clear the way for traffic.

Unluckily Turkey has small number of busses and these buses have not installed protective shields for driver to save from possible crash or attack.

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