Brother, 8, Wounds 4-Year-Old Neighbor, Kills Sister,5, Accidentally, Jacksonville Police

On 4 February afternoon, a five-years old Jacksonville girl accidentally was killed by gunfire and 8-year-old brother injured his neighbor,4, when those were alone at house at inner city residence complex.


Jacksonville Sheriff told media that the mother of these three siblings had left alone for a undecided amount of time, while shooting occurred nearly at 1 pm inside their residence at Roosevelt Gardens apartment complex, 702 N.

Lincoln Court, Sheriff’s Office Chief Chris Butler talked media reporters after the incident, told the eldest child got a gun but don’t from where and fired a single shot, while bullet accidentally hit his younger sister who killed at the spot and also wounded his 4-year-old brother shooting fire.

Although, police was informed at the spot who took the 4-year-old wounded child to nearest medical center, is being treated and hopefully will be recovering fast.

Butler said that police have no cause to believe that this was a planned shooting but seems to be clearly an accident or unintentionally shooting. While, investigators have asked questions to mother of three siblings at Sheriff’s Office headquarters on 4 February night.

The latest shooting incident has confused Jacksonville police and for this, case is being discussed with other agencies as well as Families Child Protection Team, Florida Department of Children, and the office of State Attorney Melissa Nelson.

One of the neighbors called that two children shot inside the housing, though also Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department was informed at the spot who attempted to save life of the 5-year-old girl.

When reporters asked Butler what kind of gun was used in this incident, denied to reveal anything, while police also still keeps shooting circumstances. No accusations were filed on Saturday night but registered a cased leaving a weapon reachable to children.

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